SneaKeyBag is now Sayeco

Learn why we made this change

If you’re looking for SneaKeyBag, don’t worry – you’re in the right place.

SneaKeyBag is now Sayeco.

Why We Changed The Name

SneaKeyBag was our first step towards reducing your plastic footprint. However, we’ve learned that there’s so much more we can do together in order to make a real difference.

We plan on creating more than a bag to help. In fact, we have a lot of ideas ready to be built.

And with that, SneaKeyBag as a brand wasn’t sustainable for our product growth and expansion.

That’s Why We’re Now Sayeco

Sayeco, in short is an eco solution to plastic problems.

For example, what was once the SneaKeyBag is now the Sayeco Lanyard Bag. A bag, that when used can prevent about 500 plastic bags from ever being used.

But we’re not stopping with the Sayeco Lanyard Bag – additional product lines are on the way.

It’s More Than a Name Change – It’s a Movement

We believe it’s up to all of us to make small changes that will result in huge changes. That’s why we’ve also launched a Movement where we’re asking people like you to pledge with us to make these changes to the way we consume plastic products.

This Movement can be found on EcoIdiots.

By joining the Movement (don’t worry, it’s free), you’ll be proudly added to our list of others who share the same idea of living a greener life from all over the world.

And together, we’ll take these small steps to make a real difference.