Take the Pledge With Others to Reduce Your Plastic Use

Reducing plastics that make it into our environment is an effort that can’t be done alone. Sayeco believes there are power in numbers and invite you to join our movement of reducing the amount of plastics that end up polluting our planet.

By joining our free movement, we’ll proudly add your location to our map as well as listing your name and location below with other like-minded individuals who are interested in reducing plastic use.

Fill out the form below and we’ll get you added.

Sayeco welcomes the latest members of the movement, Chris, sankalpa sen and Wesley.

In total, we have 22 members so far – please be sure to fill out the form to be part of the movement.

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Help end one-time plastic bag use. Pledge your allegiance for a smarter way to live green.


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Supporters of this movement

Total supporter: 22

Name Location
Chris Houston
sankalpa sen Kolkata
Wesley Houston, TX
Yigal New York
Aaron Houston
Heath Houston
Will El Paso, TX
Ryan Houston
Dwight Scranton
Chris Texas
Scott Seattle
Dan Chicago, IL
Les Las Vegas
Momtaz Dhaka, Chattogram
Raihan Mumbai, India
Mark Boise, Idaho
chris Denver
Mike Not available
John Not available
Admin Hawaii
chris Houston, TX
Chris Kingwood, TX