Why should sports organizations get Sayeco?

Goals: Drive sales revenue and generate higher ticket sales.

SayecoBag helps keep game day at the top of your fan’s minds – every day of the week.

The SayecoBag can be customized for any design need.

Drive Revenue

You won’t find a more excited group of sports fans than at your city’s sports complex on game day.

With excitement all around and team loyalties encouraged, it’s expected that logo-branded merchandise will be in high demand.

But who needs another stuffed animal or cheap koozie?

SayecoBag allows you to customize your lanyards with your team’s colors, logos and designs, offering fans the value of a multi-functional product they can use on the regular – while showing off their love for their favorite team.

To peak fans’ interest, simply encourage store associates to demonstrate how this stylish, yet versatile, lanyard works. Watching it unfold into its SayecoBag form, easily expand to 5x its size and carry 200x its weight is sure to turn some heads and spark some questions…

“What is that?” and “Can I get it with my favorite team’s logo on it?”

Before you know it, your team’s lanyards will be sold out and you’ll be fielding requests left and right for future orders.

Does your team’s sports complex have an online presence? Do you contract with other sports merchandise retailers?

Once word gets out about how much fans love SayecoBag, these are additional points of sale you can use to help drive sales revenue.

Increase Ticket Sales

Not only is SayecoBag is the best game day teammate, but its long list of uses and durable nylon and mesh material make it ideal for sports fans’ use every day of the week.

Whether people are bringing team snacks to their kids’ soccer games, carrying a change of clothes to hit the gym after work, or even grocery shopping, they’ll be proudly showing off their love for their favorite team – and reminding those around them of the nostalgia of a day spent at the stadium or arena.

Think of SayecoBag as a live-action billboard for your sports team – it only takes a quick demo for everyone users encounter to want their own SayecoBag.

And, thanks to its unique branding properties, they might just be inspired to snag some game day tickets, too.

As if those aren’t already enough benefits associated with one product…

SayecoBags are making their own environmental impact by helping solve our global plastic bag pollution problem. Plastic bag laws only go so far. And while most people intend to do their best to protect the planet and its wildlife from the harmful effects of plastic bag pollution, the reality is that they end up forgetting reusable bags at home or choosing convenience in a pinch. The lanyard style of SayecoBags and their wide range of uses make them more likely to be readily accessible in times of need.

Selling SayecoBags is a win-win-win for your team, your fans and the environment.

That’s a deal no champion can refuse.