Why should event & production companies get Sayeco?

Goals: Generate higher margin sponsorships and enhance participants’ experiential value.

With SayecoBag, you can achieve these goals – and more. Here’s how.

Generate Higher Sponsorship Investment

Trying to generate higher sponsorship sales? Want to extend your or your sponsor’s brand promotion time?

Leverage the uniqueness of SayecoBag to enhance your revenue by offering it as a branding opportunity for your sponsor.

Unlike the typical fundraising “value adds”, you won’t have to struggle to prove the value of SayecoBag – or to get sponsors excited about it.

All you need to do is walk in wearing your stylish, yet practical, lanyard and begin demonstrating how it works. Watching it unfold into its SayecoBag form, easily expand to 5x its size and carry 200x its weight is sure to turn some heads and spark some questions…

“What is that?” and “Where did you get it?” and “How can I get my brand on it?”

This is your opportunity to explain the true value of SayecoBag as a multifunctional tool and how your sponsors can use the product to extend their brand reach.

With SayecoBag, sponsors can customize lanyards with their affiliated colors, logos and designs.

That means that each SayecoBag is essentially a mini advertisement for their company, earning their brand exposure everywhere it’s worn or used.

Increase Experiential Value

High profile guests must be easily identified and treated like VIPs. Several participant levels need to be quickly differentiated at check in. Event staff have to be identifiable in an instant while on the job so they can answer questions, direct attendees and gain access to restricted areas.

SayecoBag is the perfect solution for all of the above.

In its lanyard form, it can be handed out to attendees at check-in and to event staff as part of their on-site uniform to prominently feature ID badges for easy identification.

But SayecoBag’s utility extends far beyond just this one venue.

Attendees can use SayecoBag over and over and over again. Maybe every day or multiple times a day.

With over 20 uses, from carrying lunch to the office, to transporting groceries home, to bringing along a change of clothes to the gym, everyone users encounter will be exposed to your sponsors’ brand – and wanting a SayecoBag for themselves. It’s a universal product that’s designed to please everyone with its convenience and versatility.

And, if that’s not already enough…

SayecoBags are making their own environmental impact by helping solve our global plastic bag pollution problem. Plastic bag laws only go so far. And while most people intend to do their best to protect the planet and its wildlife from the harmful effects of plastic bag pollution, the reality is that they end up forgetting reusable bags at home or choosing convenience in a pinch. The lanyard style of SayecoBags and their wide range of uses make them more likely to be readily accessible in times of need.

Serving to promote brand awareness for them, drive revenue for you and support environmental protection efforts for everyone, all at the same time, SayecoBag is an opportunity no ambitious sponsor can refuse.

Get your sponsors on board with SayecoBag today. Just a quick demo and casual conversation needed.