Why should convention center & hotel event teams get Sayeco?

Goals: Drive sales revenue and generate higher margin sponsorships.

With SayecoBag, you’ll benefit by helping your clients and event sponsors generate customer awareness for their respective companies.

Generate Interest

Are you always looking to wow your clients and event sponsors with the latest and greatest attention grabber, with an impressive shelf life? Want to help make your clients’ logistics even more streamlined, simple and clear? Once you get SayecoBag on their radar, they’ll instantly see the tremendous upside for their event or sponsorship.

All you need to do is demonstrate how this eye-catching and versatile lanyard works. Watching it unfold into its SayecoBag form, easily expand to 5x its size and carry 200x its weight is sure to generate buzz and spark some questions…

“Is that new?” and “Can we brand it however we want?”

This is your opportunity to explain the functionality of SayecoBag, and also to help your clients understand how SayecoBag can be used to help drive brand awareness:

Tchotchke giveaways

For your clients, SayecoBag is the ultimate brand awareness tool because it’s fun, versatile, stylish and practical - all wrapped up in one product. Who doesn’t want their brand to be associated with these key attributes?

Event IDs

Choosing SayecoBag as the official event ID/pass holder results in a great branding opportunity for your clients and an amazing sponsorship revenue driver for you. Whether it includes your client company’s name, sponsor’s name or the event name, these lanyards will be in everyone’s hands upon entering and around everyone’s necks all day long, for high visibility. Additionally, these easy-to-see lanyards allow event access check points to flow more efficiently.

Employee uniforms

It’s always exciting to see employees promoting a brand they’re proud to be affiliated with. Your clients can give SayecoBag to their staff members as part of their uniform or as a special gift. SayecoBag is sure to be an engaging conversation starter wherever they wear or use it!