Why should professional contractors and DIY enthusiasts get Sayeco?

Goals: Serve as a multi-use tool for your active life and work site.

With SayecoBag, you’ll instantly gain that “extra” set of hands you’re always looking for with any construction or DIY job.

PROMOTE: Brand Awareness

Made of durable nylon and mesh, your SayecoBag easily expands to 5x its size and can carry 200x its weight. Plus, it’s a breeze to clean and can be used over and over again, eliminating the need to bring along piles of flimsy plastic bags that break after one or two uses.

Not convinced yet?

SayecoBag’s utility extends even further in making your work a whole lot less…work.


Tool belts can be cumbersome and specific to various lines of work…how many tool belts have you seen with slots available for a can of paint or an armful of elbow joints? SayecoBag can carry odd-shaped and bulky items – without pulling your pants down in the process. Plus, it folds up into a simple lanyard for easy storage.


Plumbers and DIY boaters can employ SayecoBag as an essential sidekick, minus the worry about soaking a bag with dirty water or dropping lose items overboard. The slick nylon dries quickly and can be easily rinsed off after use. Plus, attach a foam keychain to the end of the lanyard and you’ll never have to worry about losing it if it (or you) ends up overboard.


How many boxes of plastic trash bags have you blown through over your career? Probably way too many to count. Unlike those thin plastic bags that rip, tear and break after just a few uses, SayecoBag can be used again and again without any wear or weakening. Imagine cutting the expense of plastic trash bags completely out of your budget. In no time, your SayecoBag will pay for itself.