How Sayeco Lanyard Bag Works

And Helps You Reduce Your Plastic Footprint

How It WorksReduce Your Plastic Footprint

What is Sayeco Lanyard Bag?

A re-usable bag that is disguised as a lanyard. The convenience of the lanyard makes it easy to have with you at all times, allowing you to have a bag whenever you need one.



Sayeco Lanyard Bag utilizes the versatility of a lanyard which can be used to carry your keys or I.D. badge.


And built within the lanyard is a reusable bag that is ready whenever you need it.

How Sayeco Lanyard Bag Works

Remove Lanyard

Step 1

Hold lanyard from top to slide off sleeve on both sides to release the mesh bag.

Step 2

Fan open the mesh bag by holding a cord handle and the strap.

Step 3

Set the bag flat on a surface with strap placed in the middle. Place your items inside the bag while pulling handles to hug contents.

Features of the Sayeco Lanyard Bag

Reduce Your Plastic Footprint with Sayeco Lanyard Bag

Plastic bags are convenient, but at what cost?

Some states and countries have already started charging consumers for each plastic bag they use in order to help reduce the amount of bags that make it into the environment.

Plastic bags in our ecosystem have negative long term impacts on the environment and all living species within it.

When you choose to use an Sayeco Lanyard Bag, you’re displaying your conscious efforts to reduce plastic bag usage.

The Sayeco Lanyard Bag, with its many uses, can be worn proudly around your neck – not only bringing awareness to your efforts, but also allows you to have a reusable bag whenever you need one.

And since you’ll no longer need to use plastic bags, you’ll save about 500 plastic bags per year from ever seeing use.