Specs and info about the LanyardBag by Sayeco

LanyardBag weighs 4oz and is 22 inches in length around, 3.5 inches wide. When pulling the sleeve back the sleeve will begin to bunch up about 2 to 3 inches on both sides towards the key-ring revealing a thin gauge of 22-6=16 mesh netting. This action is performed smoothly because of the 100% polyester mesh netting mixed with the 100% grosgrain tape of the outer covering used to reduce friction when moving the “sneakey sleeve” back and forth. When opened, the bag has a base of 22 inches wide and 22 inches deep.

The 5-mm cord handles that are embedded inside the seams of the netting on each side to secure the user’s goods. The cord handles are 5 mm thick and 100% polyester and have been measured and designed for comfort to the hand and shoulders to prevent any irritation. They have been designed to be long enough so that the user can have carrying options. Furthermore, a double headed plastic hook allows the user to secure their goods and prevent spillage out of the top of the bag.

Test have shown the ability to carry over 25 lbs of goods and odd shaped items that might not fit in a traditional goods bag. The LanyardBag’s netting has been designed to be small enough to hide under the 100% grosgrain tape with sublimation print and big enough to carry a full bag and a half of groceries or other daily goods you may need to carry.