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Plastic Bags: Convenience at a Cost

Plastic bags boomed in popularity because of their convenience and durability. The problem is this convenience comes at a significant cost to the environment and our communities. Disposable plastic bags:

  • Increase risk of flooding by clogging drainage infrastructure
  • Contribute to urban blight and visual pollution
  • Negatively impact ocean ecosystems
    • Marine-animals
    • Birds
    • Plantlife
  • Burdens landfills with no-biodegradable materials requiring greater land-use.

Switching to using reuseable bags can reduce your impact on plastic in our environment, as the average person uses up to 500 plastic bags a year.

6,400,000 tons of plastic

are dumped into our oceans each year. And that number is on the rise.

Empower your employees to help reduce one-time plastic usage.

Sustainability Simplified

Anyone who has made the switch understands the pain of remembering your plastic bag. Our flagship product, the Sayeco Lanyard Bag gives you the convenience of a plastic bag without the negative impact on our ecosystem.

It’s a lanyard that is worn around your neck which easily converts into a reusable bag.

Using just one Sayeco Lanyard Bag can help prevent up to 500 plastic bags from ending up where you don’t want them, the environment.

Sayeco believes that it is up to all of us to be the change when it comes to plastic bag usage.

Become Part of the Solution

Enterprises can take the lead in reducing the impact plastic bags have on our communities and the broader environment. This goes beyond complying with local and state regulations (some of which have been rolled back due to the COVID crisis).

Sayeco partnerships allow you to create branded reusable bags that are easy to use, convenient, and send a message about your organizations environmental commitment. We work with a companies in a broad range of categories, including:

Advertising & Marketing Companies

Help your clients increase brand awareness and customer satisfaction.

Convention Center & Hotel Events

Drive sales revenue and generate higher margin sponsorships.

Event & Production

Higher margin events & enhance participants’ experiential value.

Government Agencies & Services Industry

Spread awareness for various causes and efforts.


Why should nonprofit organizations get Sayeco?

Schools and Nonprofit Fundraisers

Generate interest and raise money for your cause.


Drive sales revenue and generate higher ticket sales.

Together, We’ve Prevented Over 3,750,000 Plastic Bags From Use

Through eco-conscious partners like you, the use of the Sayeco Lanyard Bag keeps plastic bags from ever being used.